Running adventures for all abilities

Very easy (1/5): 30-60 min of flat running and walking breaks

Easy (2/5): 45-90 min of mostly flat running

Moderate (3/5): >90 min run on undulating trails

Demanding (4/5): >3 hours run on undulating trails with some climbing

Strenous/Extreme (5/5): >6h, undulating and technical trails with climbing exceeding 600 meters


Your ability

Level 1: Beginner runner. Training pace: > 10:00 min/mile (> 6:13 min/Km)

Level 2: Recreational runner. Training pace: 9:00-10:00 min/mile (5:36-6:13 min/Km)

Level 3: Experienced runner. Training pace: 7:30-9:00 min/mile (4:40-5:36 min/Km)

Level 4: Competitive runner. Training pace < 7:30 min/mile (< 4:40 min/Km)


Arctic Running Team

Our guides are the most experienced trail runners in Iceland and frequently take part in trail running events and longer running tours. They will lead you through all of the running tours we offer and help you enjoy trail running in Iceland whilst exploring the environment and its beautiful nature.